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Boko Haram group runs out of food supply

There are indications that the need to feed the over 200 students of Government Secondary School, Chibok, abducted by Boko Haram insurgents on April 14 has put pressure on the Islamic terrorist group to steal food items and loot communities close to Sambisa Forest in the North East.

Saturday  PUNCH investigations revealed that the violent Islamic sect had in the past week stepped up the looting of villages, markets and food stores in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states for food items including grains and bread.

Residents of these communities told Saturday PUNCH that the rate at which the insurgents stole their foodstuffs was unprecedented, noting that the pressure to feed the abducted girls might have contributed to the desperation of the insurgents to steal and kill the villagers in the process.

One of the villagers, Bukar Umar, who resides in Kamuyya village in Borno State, told one of our correspondents that though it was normal for the insurgents to ask communities to contribute money towards “God’s work,’’ they were usually satisfied when communities raised money for them.

He, however, said the insurgents in recent times had stepped up their activities by invading their communities and carting away food items.

With the pressure on Nigerian soldiers to clamp down on the Islamic sect, it was learnt that the insurgents no longer felt safe to go to markets to buy food items for fear of being arrested.

Some of the insurgents recently met their waterloo in Madagali, Adamawa State, where they were given up by a local food vendor from whom they had planned to buy foodstuffs.

Consequently, members of a vigilance group pounced on them and killed over 70 of them while seven others were reportedly handed over to the police.

The vigilantes acted after they were tipped by the local food vendor that the insurgents were coming to get food before going for a major operation in a neighbouring village.

A Madagali resident, who did not want his name mentioned, had said, “The vigilance group mobilised, laid ambush and waited patiently for the insurgents.

“As soon as the insurgents, numbering over 100, showed up in the village to pick up their favourite meals, the vigilantes attacked them, killing most of them in a hail of bullets.”

Security personnel, during the week, also repelled attacks by the terrorists on Kubla, a border town between Adamawa and Borno states.

A security source said, “The heavily armed terrorists arrived in Kubla and started burning houses and stealing foodstuff, until a contingent of the military was mobilised to confront them.

“The soldiers engaged the militants in a fierce exchange of gunfire to repel them,” the source said.

The source, who did not disclose his name because he was not authorised to provide details of the attacks, added that the insurgent had set to extend their stealing spree to Taraba State.

Residents of Limankara, Kamuyya, Kirenowa, Kimba and Makor communities in Borno State said the insurgents usually carte away food items and livestock after killing people in their areas in recent attacks.

In Limankara, a Borno border village with Adamawa State, the insurgents who killed many persons and carted away property worth several millions of Naira were said to have particularly gone for the available food items in the village.

In Kamuyya village, a resident, Bukar Umar, said over 20 insurgents, who must have emerged from the bush, stormed the Kamuyya weekly market when traders were conducting their businesses and opened fire into the crowd before setting shops and vehicles on fire.

According to him, the hoodlums were well armed with sophisticated weapons, and after raiding the area, they went to the major market and shot sporadically and indiscriminately into the crowd, killing 20 persons on the spot and burning most of the shops in the market.

He said the attack lasted for over two hours last Sunday. “The invaders had a field day wreaking havoc on us. They snatched several vehicles and loaded them with bags of assorted foodstuff, before fleeing the area.”

In Kirenowa town, where 20 persons were killed last week Thursday by the insurgents, they were said to have ransacked the town for food items, which they subsequently packed away in stolen vehicles.

The insurgents on Sunday intercepted a vehicle loaded with bread, killed the four occupants and drove the vehicles towards Sambisa Forest. The vehicle, which was on its way to Polka from Gwoza, was attacked at Waraba village.

Some of those who spoke to our correspondents appealed to both the state and the Federal Government to immediately come to their rescue by giving them food and rebuilding their burnt houses.

One of them, Modu Kaka, said: “It has been difficult for our people to feed because our food items have been carted away and we are left with little to share among ourselves.

“To even get another supply is a problem, if you get that, you are only inviting them to come back and that makes it necessary for security personnel to be deployed here.”

The village District Head of Limankara, Alhaji AbdulKareem Wahab, claimed that 1,750 bags of assorted grains were loaded in seven stolen vehicles that were taken away by the insurgents during the week.

He said, “The invaders had a field day wreaking havoc on us. They snatched several vehicles and loaded them with bags of assorted foodstuffs, before fleeing our area.”

Also in Kirenowa town, residents said scores of armed insurgents invaded the area around 12noon, shooting everyone at sight and setting houses, shops and vehicles on fire.

A resident of the area, Mallam Goni Bukar, said, “The militants, armed with sophisticated weapons, raided the area and proceeded to the major market and began sporadic shootings into the direction of crowd, killing 20 people on the spot and burning most houses and shops in the town.

“They snatched several vehicles and loaded them with bags of assorted foodstuffs and fled. They destroyed everything we have, carted away our food and burnt down the remaining ones.”

It was also gathered that after wreaking havoc in Marte, the hoodlums invaded nearby Kimba and Makor villages, where five people were killed in each of the villages.

Bukar added, “After the carnage in our area, the militants proceeded to the two neighbouring villages and killed 10 persons, even as they set ablaze several houses and vehicles. They equally carted away their food items.”

In a recent attack on Shawa, a neighbouring Chibok community, the terrorists stole food, after killing no fewer than 10 people. In another attack on Alagarno village, Borno State, the gunmen also stole food and razed their victims’ homes.

One of the residents who spoke with journalists, Mallam Umaru Saina, said, “They destroyed everything we had and burnt down our remaining food after stealing what they needed. What is most painful is that they did not spare our kids. They killed children and women.”

Apagu Maidaga also said Alagarno residents hid in the bush and watched while the extremists set ablaze their homes of thatch-roofed mud huts.

The British newspaper, The Mail, had last Sunday reported that Nigerian journalist, Ahmad Salkida, who is trusted by both the Federal Government and the Boko Haram leader as a mediator, visited the camp where the abducted schoolgirls were being kept.

Sakilda was quoted as claiming to have seen the abducted schoolgirls being “well fed and adequately sheltered.”

Saturday PUNCH gathered during the week that the insurgents resorted to stealing following the shortage of food to feed themselves and their hostages.

It was also learnt that the thirst for more loot prompted the terrorists to invade Kamuyya village in Biu Local Government Area of Borno State last Sunday.

The recent activities of the sect have left the communities attacked further impoverished and many found it difficult to feed as their food items have been carted away.

It was also learnt that the violent sect had begun to pile up food items in preparation for a long drawn battle with the military, especially as the United States, United Kingdom, France, Israel and other foreign collaborators are assisting the Federal Government to ensure the safe return of the abducted Chibok schoolgirls.

With the allied forces believed to be on the ground to help the Nigerian military rescue the girls, it was learnt that the insurgents did not want to be caught unawares by running out of strategic resources, especially food.

Saturday PUNCH further learnt that this development also contributed to the latest strategy of carting away food from communities, and the rustling up of the residents’ cattle in the last one week.

In recent publications, some residents of the communities close to Sambisa Forest told journalists in Maiduguri that the insurgents had visited their towns recently asking for money to execute “God’s work.”

The villagers were only able to raise N70, 000. The insurgents left with the money but with a message that they would come back for the balance.

They threatened to come back for the balance at a stipulated time or they would kill the villagers.

One of the villagers, Bukar Umar, said the villagers took the threat with levity. They thought it was “madness gone too far.”

He said, “Actually when they issued the threat, we took it lightly as we were all relaxed and nobody bothered to make any extra effort to raise the amount they requested. May be that was what caused this bloody attack because we were unable to meet their demand.”

Speaking on the growing raid of the insurgents for food, a military source said, “The military is aware of this and knows that the insurgents are doing this for a strategy but it is inevitable that we have to confront them if the schoolgirls and other girls and women they have abducted are not released.”

He said, “They should continue to pile up food items as much as they can but wars and battles have different complexities and when we get to that stage we will definitely know which strategy to deploy.’’

Unconfirmed reports had indicated that certain helicopters used to drop food items and other needs in the Sambisa stronghold of the Boko Haram group.

Security experts said the growing focus on the Sambisa forest must have disrupted the routine of the helicopters, thus putting pressure on the group’s supply chain and fueling more attacks on villagers in the North-East.

Update: What to Expect from Apple at WWDC before June 2 2014

                     Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces iOS 7 at a keynote address during the 2013 Apple Worldwide                                               Developers Conference at the Moscone Center on June 10, 2013 in San Francisco, California.

Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC, starts on Monday  june 2 2014 in San Francisco. As usual, the company will open the week-long gathering with a keynote, likely to be packed with announcements and previews. WWDC is all about software, particularly the operating systems that power Macs, iPhones and iPads. But from time to time, the company also uses the event to showcase new hardware. There are tons of rumors about what will be unveiled this year; here’s what you can safely expect from the event:

Mac OS X 10.10
Apple’s mobile software got its first top-to-bottom overhaul last year. Out went the so-called skeuomorphic design championed by former software chief Scott Forstall. In came the sleeker, flat designs of Jonathan Ive. Now it may be the Mac’s turn to get a similar treatment.

iOS 8
Look for Apple to iterate on its major changes last year to the software that powers the iPhone and iPad. After a major overhaul, the company typically focuses on adding functionality and tweaks. Almost certainly up this time: changes to Apple Maps.

This will be the first time the company’s top executives will address fans since buying Beats Electronics and Beats Music for $3 billion. Chief Executive Tim Cook will likely address the purchase and may bring his two newest recruits—Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine—on stage.


SURE-P partners FERMA to create 42, 000 new jobs on road maintenance says Esele, member, SURE-P Committee.

Comrade Peter Esele, a member of the Subsidy-Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P) has said that the partnership with Federal Road Maintenance

Agency (FERMA) in maintaining national roads and bridges would create 42,000 new jobs by 2014.

Esele who is also the President of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) made the revelation when SURE-P sub-committee on public works and vocational training visited FERMA office, Lagos.

The TUC President who led the sub-committee to inspect some federal roads and bridges in Lagos, Oyo and Osun states commended FERMA for the actualization of SURE-P intervention.

He said that SURE-P interventions in critical sectors of the economy aim at complementing the efforts of the Federal Ministry of Works in funding and fast tracking the process of road maintenance.

According to him, SURE-P partnership with FERMA has made it imperative for a sustainable synergy among all stakeholders toward the maintenance of Nigerian roads and other social infrastructure.

Engr. Muazu Magaji, SURE-P team lead for public works and vocational training told newsmen during the inspection that the concept of public works aims at resuscitating the old Public Works Department and creation of employment opportunities.

Magaji said that good network of roads contribute immensely to the national development of human and material capital.

Engr. Amos  Chimezie, the Director, FERMA and Public Works said that SURE-P N4billion intervention has made it possible for the organization to deploy about 4,000 Nigerians to major federal roads.

Chimezie said that additional 10,000 road maintenance workers would also be deployed in June, 2013 this year; while the overall target of 42,000 workers are expected to be deployed to manage 17,000 km roads nationwide.

Originated from

Road Safety: Lagos Square Off With FERMA/SURE-P Task Force

The Federal Roads Maintenance Agency Act was enacted by the National Assembly and assented to by President Olusegun Obasanjo.

With this act establishing FERMA and for matters connected therewith, the agency became Nigeria’s first institutional mechanism for monitoring and maintaining, all federal roads in the country.

The Lagos State Attorney-General, Ade Ipaye, and members of the state House of Assembly, Western Nigeria raised alarm for the second time some months ago over the activities of the FERMA task force, a group of unemployed Nigerians allegedly recruited and trained by the federal agency in the state.

Many of these task force members had taken over major roads in the state, controlling traffic and taking over the jobs of the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, and the State Traffic Management Authority, LASTMA.

Earlier this week, about 200 young men were arrested in Lagos state on Wednesday, May 28, following a face-off between men of the Police and a group identified as the Federal Task Force, which claimed it has a link with the Presidency.

It was gathered that the men of the Federal Task Force attacked the Police with bottles, after the security men barged into their office located on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

On this segment of Sunrise, Commissioner for Transport, Lagos State, Kayode Opeifa, and Commissioner of Police, Lagos command, Umaru Manko speak on matters arising.

Watch video below to listen to interview

Lagos task-force arrests 200 Sure-P federal task-force officials

No fewer than 200 officials of the Sure-P Federal Task Force have been arrested by the Lagos State Task Force on Environmental Sanitation and Special Offences in their training ground at the old Lagos toll gate and taken to the headquarters of the Lagos State Police Command in Ikeja.

According to reports, officials of the Lagos Task Force tried to arrest a vehicle plying the BRT lane at Ketu area but the driver diverted the vehicle into the premise of Federal Task Force on the way to Alausa.

In the process of trying to get the vehicle back, officials of the Federal Task Force allegedly mobilised and attacked the policemen with planks, bottles and beat up the few officers, inflicting injuries on them.

The Lagos State Task Force, led by Chief Superintendent of Police Bayo Sulaiman, went for a reinforcement and stormed the area with armed policemen, leading to mayhem. The policemen used teargas to disperse and overwhelm men of the Federal Task Force, leading to arrest of over 200 of them.

We were attacked with bottles

Speaking to newsmen, Sulaiman said the Federal Task Force attacked his men with dangerous weapons, stressing that there was no way a taskforce could take over the function of the Police.

He said: “They beat up our men and held them hostage. We will not allow them to take over our function. We arrested close to 100 of them. If we allow this to go unchecked, it will be worse next time.”

He said his men were attacked with bottles as one of them was beaten with plank and serious injuries inflicted on him while other officers were also wounded.

When interrogated, the driver of the vehicle that sparked off the trouble, Timothy Uko, said he did not know any member of the Federal Task Force but that he decided to park close to their office and beg the Policemen who arrested him in order not to create traffic snarl.Uko was allegedly beaten up by the Policemen for fuelling the crisis.

One of the Federal Task Force officials, who was on queue, collapsed and was rushed to the hospital by the taskforce officials.

Most of the federal taskforce officials, who spoke with our reporter, said they were wrongly arrested and that they were not among those who attacked the policemen.

One of the leaders of the federal taskforce, Aminu Kazeem, said he was inside the premises when the policemen stormed the area and arrested him and his colleagues, but could not tell if some of his men attacked policemen.

Mr Adeyemi Adeshina, an engineer, who claimed to be the Deputy Director in the Federal Road Maintenance Agency, FERMA, and working at the taskforce yard, said he was inside when the Policemen came and arrested him.


Obasanjo Is Part Of Boko Haram Problem - Muhammed Fawehinmi

Son of late legal icon, Gani Fawehinmi, Muhammed Fawehinmi, has blamed former President Olusegun Obasanjo for being part of the Boko Haram problem faced in the country today.

The junior Fawehinmi made this disclosure today, 31 May, 2014 while speaking on a live programme on LTV 8, Bimbo and Shola Connect.

Mr Fawehinmi stated that Obasanjo had during his administration ignored a warning issued by the Russian military intelligence over  the growth of some unknown fundamentalist building up in Sambisa Forest.

He however added that the situation has deteriorated today with the abduction of more than 276 schoolgirls abducted by the Boko Haram insurgents at the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok, Borno State on 14 April, 2014.

Mr Fawehinmi advised the Nigerian government led President Goodluck Jonathan to ensure the safety of the girls by negotiating with the terrorists in order to save their lives.

“what matters most as of now is the safety of the missing girls. The Jonathan led government can release the prisoners as requested by Boko haram just to get the girls and then adopt other military measures in fighting the sect later,” he concluded

According to report, Obasanjo met with people close to Boko Haram at his farm in Otta, Ogun State, last weekend in an attempt to find a solution to bring back the girls to their homes safely.

 The meeting which was attended by relatives of some senior Boko Haram fighters as well as intermediaries focused on how to free the girls through negotiation.

Meanwhile, the federal government has insisted that they are not ready to negotiate with the Boko Haram militants on the kidnapped schoolgirls.

Update: Mariam Ibrahim to gain Freedom, she is in prison for Apostasy

After huge international pressure and coverage, the Sudanese woman sentenced to death for marrying a Christian will be freed. 27 year old Meriam Ibrahim and mother of two, who gave birth in prison this week is now set to be released in a matter of days.

A Sudanese Under-secretary at the foreign ministry Abdullahi Alzareg said Sudan guaranteed religious freedom and was committed to protecting the woman. He said Meriam would be free from prison in a matter of days.

Meanwhile her lawyer, Elshareef Ali Mohammed has expressed reservations over the government's new position, saying they are just trying to divert international attention from the case and that he doubts she would be freed soon. Read lawyer's statement below....

"It’s a statement to silence the international media. This is what the government does. We will not believe that she is being freed until she walks out of the prison. If they were to release her, the announcement would come from the appeal court and not from the ministry of foreign affairs. But at least it shows our campaign to free Meriam is rattling them. We must keep up the pressure.” he said

Friday, 30 May 2014

Why I broke up with Apple

Apple and I used to have a strong relationship. But I had a change of heart.

Disclosure: I used to be a big Apple fan.

I still remember how giddy I was when I got my green iPod Mini in 2004, my fifth-generation iPod in 2006, my MacBook in 2007 and my iPhone 4S in 2011.

Along the way, I also bought an iPod Shuffle (for the two or three times I've been to the gym in the past four years), an Airport Wi-Fi router, an Airport Express network extender and a Fathead of Steve Jobs. Okay. Only three of those things are true.

But last year, I turned my back on Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500), and I haven't regretted it.

Why the change of heart?

For all its glitz and glam, the iPhone had a lot of features I didn't need (see: Air Drop, Passbook, Airplay, Photo Stream and iTunes Radio). But mostly, it just didn't do enough of the stuff that I really cared about. That's why I decided to ditch the iPhone for an Android device.

In October, I bought a Motorola Moto X. I love it. It's by far the most useful gadget I've ever owned. I can check the time just by taking the phone out of my pocket.

When I want to change directions while I'm driving, I don't hit any buttons -- I literally just speak to my phone, "OK Google Now, navigate to...." When there's traffic, and I'll miss my meeting if I don't leave soon, my Moto X will tell me to get going.

An app called Trigger automatically puts my phone in vibrate mode the second I step into my newsroom.

I'll admit to missing FaceTime -- not because it's any easier or better than Google Hangouts, but because all my friends and family have iPhones.

But Android's widgets are better and more convenient than the iPhone's badge notifications. Google is far, far superior at backing up photos than Apple. iCloud in general is a confusing mess, and I eventually just shut it off.

I could go on. The point: Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) just seems to understand me better than Apple.

That's true for Microsoft (MSFT, Fortune 500) too. I love my Windows 8 laptops much more than I ever enjoyed my MacBook, which died three years ago. I ended up buying an Acer notebook and a Surface tablet. Or is it a tabtop? (Laplet?).

Windows 8 isn't perfect, but I'm growing to really like it. On my laptops, when I want to open an app, I literally just start typing the name, hit enter, and it starts running. My laptops have touch screens, which come in handy more often than you'd think, particularly when looking at videos and photos. There is nothing better for watching Netflix (NFLX) in bed than the Surface, with its kickstand and screen optimized for HD videos.

Like many people, I use my laptop and Surface almost exclusively for Web browsing, email, word processing, watching videos and work. The MacBook is a great computer, but I don't need to pay MacBook prices to do those things.

I also opted for a Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) Chromecast video streamer for my TV over an Apple TV. And I have a poster hanging in my bedroom of Larry Page and Satya Nadella holding hands (Okay, that part isn't true either).

Meanwhile, my iPods are sitting in a drawer somewhere. I can't find my Airport Express. (If you stole it, you can keep it).

But my three-year old daughter uses my old iPhone as her personal "Thomas the Tank Engine" video machine. I also still use the Airport router. So I guess Apple and I never got divorced -- we're just legally separated.

And I've never been happier.

Culled From CnnMoney

Obama Says Malia's Prom Date Is 'Classified Information'

                                  President Barack Obama and his two daughters in 2012

President Barack Obama's eldest daughter recently attended her first prom. All further details, however, are apparently "classified."

Obama addressed the prom during an interview on ABC's "Live! With Kelly and Michael." The president said it was nevertheless shocking to see 15-year-old Malia grow up so quickly and be dressed for the occasion.

"Malia did have her first prom ... I think it’s fair to say that the first time you see your daughter in heels is a little bit jarring," he said. "She's lovely. She's beautiful."

Pushed for more details, however, Obama jokingly demurred. "I think this is all classified information,” he told the morning talk show hosts.

As to whether his daughter's prospective date would be overwhelmed picking up Malia at the White House, Obama insisted he's "not too intimidating. I don't think."

#BeforeandduringGEJ. Reno Omokri lists president Jonathan's many achievements

Special Assistant to President Jonathan on New Media Reno Omokri lists President Jonathan's many achievements. See more twits below...

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Wedding Kiss Photo Broke Records and Most-Liked Instagram Ever !

After Kim and Kanye said 'I do,' they perfectly timed the release of their wedding pictures.

In fact, it caused so much stir, it ended up breaking an Instagram record! It has become the most-liked post in the history of Instagram.

Via Kim's Instagram, it has already scored over 1.97 million likes!

So even though plenty of people have been hating on Kimye, there are at least 1.97 million who are over the moon for them and their beautiful wedding!

The previous record was held by pop star Justin Bieber whose photo of himself being hugged from behind by ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez received 1.82 million likes when it was posted back in January. See photos of them below...

NOT DEAD as media aide refutes the rumors surrounding the Former NAFDAC boss, Prof. Dora Akunyili ill health

The rumors are everywhere on social media especially on Twitter that Professor Dora Akunyili is dead. Her media aide Isaac Ummuna had to come to the rescue to discard such rumors on her Facebook page , confirming that she is getting better and even said that the Anambra State Governor Peter Obi who visited her confirmed she was getting better .

Don’t “Play Public Relations Propaganda” With Chibok Girls, Obasanjo Warns Military

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday evening in an interview on Channels Tv has warned the Nigerian military not to “play Public Relations propaganda”  with the abduction of the over 200 missing school girls from Chibok. He says any information given out by the military or any other authorised body is taken seriously by the parents and so they need to mind what they say.

“It is a serious issue that is like a spear in the heart of the parents and whatever statement we make and action we take, if it will not really deal with the issue in a way that will bring those girls out safe and secure and make their families happy and will also give every Nigerian a sense of security, then such statements should not be made” he said.

He also said he would be pleasantly surprised if the Chibok girls were “returned intact.”

First picture of Sudan death-row mother and the baby she delivered IN SHACKLES inside prison.

According to MailOnline one of the major anxieties playing on Meriam's mind: despite only just having given birth she will be given the 100 lashes that are part of her sentence in two weeks' time unless her appeal is a success.

The Sudanese authorities are intent on pressing ahead with the barbaric punishment despite mounting international outrage. See more pics Daniel Wani, with the new baby girl Maya and their oldest son below

  • In an exclusive photo, Meriam Ibrahim puts on a brave face as she holds her newborn baby girl Maya

  • Maya was born in the jail where Meriam has been locked up for eight months for marrying a Christian

  • Picture comes as it emerged Meriam's legs were chained as she gave birth

  • The 27-year-old gave birth five days early after months shackled to floor

  • Her husband, U.S. citizen Daniel Wani, was pictured with girl in barbaric jail in Khartoum just hours after the birth

  • He was initially refused entry to jail but was eventually allowed in with lawyer

  • The doctor was sentenced to death for converting from Islam to Christianity after marrying Mr Wani, who lives in New Hampshire

  • She will never see Maya grow up as she refuses to renounce Christianity

  • Lawyer told MailOnline: 'The family are taking time to enjoy the birth before they fight injustice'

Now she he faces 100 lashes and execution for marrying a US Christian

Joseph Minala Cleared as Italian FA confirms that the Lazio player is 17, and not 42

                      An African website had reported that the midfielder lied about his age

An official Italian Football Association investigation has concluded that Lazio youth player Joseph Minala is 17, and not in his 40s.

"The federal prosecutor has examined the reports of the allegations and decided to dismiss the case in the light of concrete evidence over the age of the player Joseph Minala," said the FIGC in a statement.

"There are no doubts about his age. He is 17."

African website reported in February that Minala, who is from Cameroon, was really 42 and had altered his passport, something the player denied in a statement on the Serie A club's website.

Minala made his Serie A debut against Sampdoria in April and made two further appearances last season.

Watching porn 'makes men stupid' as scientists claim it shrinks part of their brain

A new study has revealed that watching a lot of adult material can actually reduce the size of a man's striatum

Damaging? Viewing explicit images might have an effect on our health. Do you agree?

Too much porn can make men stupid, scientists have revealed. I will agree to an extent because like they say too much of everything is bad.

According to a study by German researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development found that men who watch a lot of porn generally have a smaller striatum.

The striatum is the part of the brain which processes 'rewards and motivation' - leading scientists to believe that pornography damages this function.

They can also have less grey matter, making their brains generally smaller than those of men who rarely watch it.

The female leading author of the study Simone Kühn, did point out however, that it isn't clear whether X rated material is making brains smaller, or whether men with a decreased striatum tend to watch it more often.

She added that the striatum is less active with men who consume a lot of sexual images.

Dr Kühn said: "Moreover we found that another brain region, that is also part of the striatum that is active when people see sexual stimuli, shows less activation the more pornography participants consumed."

The study questioned 64 men aged 21 to 45 about their porn watching habits and examined who their brains reacted to pornographic images.

While it isn't clear that porn is the root cause of men's decreasing brains, it is fair to say that it could have a detrimental effect on them.

Uk Mirror

Jonathan, Amaechi rift avoidable —Tonye Princewill

Chieftain of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Rivers State, Prince Tonye Princewill, yesterday, said that the problem between Governor Rotimi Amaechi and President Goodluck Jonathan was avoidable.

Speaking in Port Harcourt, Princewill who said he interacted with both men at separate times over the issues, said that the problem started shortly after the last elections, adding that one of the parties did not manage the issue properly.

He said: “It was not the Governors’ Forum that brought about the problem between Amaechi and President Jonathan. It started before 2012. That problem could have been avoided. The finger of blame can be pointed at any direction.

“Amaechi was very close to Jonathan when he was Vice President. I am aware that Jonathan nominated commissioners in the cabinet in the first term of Governor Amaechi. We must understand that there is a difference between the President and the Presidency. There are things that may come out of the Presidency that may not have the hand of the President. If it was a problem between Amaechi and the President it would have been easily resolved.”

Culled from Vanguard

Must-See: Michelle Obama and Richard Sherman Spoof His Post-Game Rant + Photos

NFL cornerback Richard Sherman has a new teammate — First Lady Michelle Obama. The two joined forces for a new video promoting Obama's Let's Move! campaign.

In the video, shot while the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks were visiting the White House this week, Sherman demonstrates healthy cooking with the help of his teammates. FLOTUS then appears on the scene to interview Sherman about his dish and the two spoof his now infamous post-game rant.

“We the best chefs in the game, so when you try us with an easy meal like salmon cakes and succotash, that’s the results you’re gonna get," jokes Sherman.

This is the second time Michelle Obama has teamed up with some of the nation's top athletes during their visits to the White House and we're loving it.

Watch video below:

Blame opposition for insecurity in Nigeria - Labaran Maku says

Nigeria's Minister of Information, Labaran Maku yesterday May 28th said Nigerians should blame the opposition political parties for the rising insecurity challenges Nigeria is facing. The minister made this statement while addressing newsmen after the Federal Executive Council meeting in Abuja

"If you go back to the #bringbackourgirls campaign, 90% of those organizing it belong to a political party. Has the media ever analyzed this? And yet the insurgency is operating only in states controlled by that party. The entire money we are spending is to maintain security in the states operated by that party, so why go out and start playing politics? We are busy spending money to maintain security in those states, what have they done about it? Because 90% of all the insurgency is in those states controlled by that political party,  90% of those campaigning to bring back the girls are members of that party. Because the media would look the other way. I think if we want this country to grow, we must ask the relevant questions" he said.

D'banj wins 'Best Selling African Artist' at 2014 World Music Awards

 D''banj won 'Best Selling African Artist' award at the 2014 World Music Awards which took place on Tuesday 27th of May at the Salle des Etoiles in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

D'banj performed at this event alongside artists such as Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey, Flo Rider, DJ Khaled, Ricky Martin, Tinie Tempah, Leonah Lewis and more! Congrats to him.

Tiwa Savage's New 'SEXY' Video That Everyone Is Talking About(Download)

Tiwa Savage released the most sensational video of her career yet, and it has got everyone talking.

The video is titled "Wanted" off her album "Once upon a time".

The video which many regard as audacious has gotten mixed reactions from her fans and critics. While some think the video to be avante-garde and of international standard, more conservative Nigerians are saying its too sexual.

What is your view?

Video below

'There is nothing wrong in making a 30 year old a Minister but..' GEJ

While answering questions at an interactive session marking Democracy Day at the International Conference center, President Jonathan said he has no reservations about appointing a youth as a Minister but said the elders must be around to guide the youth in carrying out the responsibilities of a Minister. He sid young people need the experiences of the elders to pilot the affairs of Nigeria.

"You talk about mentors. I'm not saying youths cannot do certain jobs. anybody from the age of 25 and above can do any job. I remember when Rivers state was created, I was a Rivers man before Bayelsa state was created. 

The first Rivers state Military Governor Diete Spiff was about 28years old when he was appointed the military Governor of Rivers state. Gowon when he became Head of State was about 33years old so my Governor and the Head of State were youths but they worked with elders because I remember the cabinet members of Rivers state then were very matured people working with Diete Spiff and that is why I remember one of our elders, Maitama Sule when he was speaking at the University of Port Harcourt, made the statement that young breed without the old breed will breed greed so you must mix.

 The best person to take care of a child may not be a child so you need somebody with some level of experience to mentor the youths. You cannot leave the teenagers there to get into the youth age before you mentor them. Start from them and the first person to mentor a young person is someone that has made some mistakes. Let us say a young lady, while in secondary school have affairs with a man and gets pregnant and had complications and couldn't graduate when her colleagues graduated. Along the line, she finds her path and goes back to the secondary school, completes her University. 
She can tell another young girl look this is my experience. Please don't go that way, see this is my experience. So a Minister of Youth development can be a very young person, anybody of 25years and above can manage that but the key thing is that in the cabinet we have only one youth. 
There is nothing wrong in making a 30-33 years a Minister of Petroleum or Finance if you are competent."

Full Text Of President Jonathan's Democracy Day Speech 2014

President Jonathan yesterday morning addressed Nigerians in commemoration of 15 years of attaining democracy.

Read excerpt below:

Fellow Nigerians:  I greet and felicitate with you all, today, as we mark 15 years of uninterrupted democratic governance in our beloved country.

2.  Our dear nation, Nigeria, has certainly come a long way and made notable progress since our first Democracy Day on May 29, 1999 when the military finally relinquished power and handed over to a democratically-elected government, marking the true beginning of a government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

3.  Although I have ordered a low-key commemoration of this year’s Democracy Day in deference to the current mood of the nation, there can be no doubt that the past 15 years, the longest period of sustained democratic governance in our country, have been a blessing to us, as a people.

4.  As we commemorate 15 years of our Fourth Republic today therefore, I believe that it is fitting that we pay tribute once again to all those who played a part in restoring our nation to the true path of democratic governance, built on the foundations of rule of law and freedom of expression.

5.  As a result of our collective efforts since 1999, democratic governance is now entrenched in our nation and institutions. I wholeheartedly believe that our people are the better for it. The scope of fundamental rights and liberties enjoyed by our people overthe past 15 years has been expanded beyond measure.

6.  On my watch, we have witnessed high national economic growth rates, steady improvements and expansion of national infrastructure including airports and roads, the restoration of rail transportation, the efficient implementation of a roadmap for improved power supply, a revolutionary approach to agricultural production, as well as advances in education, sports, youth development, healthcare delivery, housing, water supply and other social services.

7.   In the oil and gas sector, our promotion of a sustainable local content policy, continues to guarantee equity and better opportunities for Nigerian entrepreneurs and skilled personnel.

8.  Significant increase in mobile telephoneand national broadband penetration, making Information and Communications Technology (ICT) one of the fastest growing sectors of the Nigerian economy. We have also developed strong financial markets and regulatory institutions. Our banks now have regional and global footprints.

9.  Nigeria has also gained recognition as the largest economy in Africa, the most preferred investment destination in the continent and in terms of returns on investment, the fourth in the world. We are pleased that the world has noticed, as global leaders converged in Abuja early this month for the World Economic Forum in Africa.

10.The event not only witnessed a record attendance, it brought the prospect of an additional flow of investment into the Nigerian economy estimated at over $68 billion over the next few years.

11. In foreign relations, our country has equally done well within this period, by establishing and strengthening strong partnerships with all ECOWAS countries and the rest of the world. This has helped to deepen Nigeria’s leadership role in multilateral institutions including the United Nations.

12.Furthermore, under this administration, we have made consistent progress in improving the standard of elections in our country to ensure that they are ever more credible and truly representative of the people’s free choice. The National Conference we initiated to deliberate and make recommendations on the best ways of resolving our current political and socio-economic challenges is ongoing. It is our expectation that its outcomes will help to further consolidate the gains we have made from democracy in the past 15 years, and place our dear nation even more firmly on the path to greatness.

Dear Compatriots,

13.  It is a sad fact that as I address you today, all the gains of the past 15 years of democratic governance in our country are threatened by the presence of international terrorism on our shores. Our dear country, Nigeria is facing a new challenge. A war has been unleashed on us. Extremist foreign elements, collaborating with some of our misguided citizens, are focused on an attempt to bring down our country and the democracy and freedomwe cherish and celebrate today.

14.  The despicable abduction of school girls from Chibok in Borno State has brought to the awareness of the entire world, the heartless brutality of these terrorists who want to instigate a descent into anarchy and balkanize our nation.

15.    In recent years, terrorist attacks have claimed the lives of several of our compatriots, many have been  injured or maimed, whole villages and communities have been destroyed and the economy of some of our states  is in jeopardy.

16. There can be no doubt that what we are witnessing in Nigeria today is a manifestation of the same warped and ferocious world view that brought down the Twin Towers in New York, killed innocent persons in Boston and led to the murder of defenceless people in the Southern Russian city of Volgograd. Terrorist activities have brought war and pains to Mali, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan. These agents of evil continue to brainwash and incite ignorant young men and women to attack the innocent. We cannot allow this to continue.

17.    I welcome the statements of solidarity from patriotic citizens and the global community in support of our efforts to stamp out terrorism. I applaud the understanding that in a democracy, such as we are building, people can have differences while sharing worthy values and standing together in opposition to the scourge of terrorism. Nigeria is the only country we have and we must all work to preserve it for present and future generations.

18.  Despite the challenges we face, we must commend our security forces. We must not forget their gallantry and successes in liberating nations and in peacekeeping, from Liberia to Sierra Leone,  Congo, Sudan, Mali, Guinea-Bissau and many places in Africa and beyond. Our forces have paid the supreme price in several places at several times.

19. Today, they face a different challenge, an unconventional war by terrorists. They are adjusting and are being equipped to tackle the new menace of terrorism. We must show confidence in their ability. I have no doubt that, with the support of Nigerians, our neighbours and the international community, we will reinforce our defence, free our girls and rid Nigeria of terrorists.

20.    It is now 45 days since the horrifying abduction of the college girls of Chibok. I share the deep pain and anxiety of their parents and guardians and I assure them once again that government will continue to do everything possible to bring our daughters home.

21.   I am determined to protect our democracy, our national unity and our political stability, by waging a total war against terrorism. The unity and stability of our country, and the protection of lives and property are non-negotiable. I have instructed our security forces to launch a full-scale operation to put an end to the impunity of terrorists on our soil.

22.   I have also authorized the security forces to use any means necessary under the law to ensure that this is done. I assure you that Nigeria will be safe again, and that these thugs will be driven away – it will not happen overnight, but we will spare no effort to achieve this goal.

23.   For our citizens who have joined hands with Al Qaeda and international terrorists in the misguided belief that violence can possibly solve their problems, our doors remain open to them for dialogue and reconciliation, if they renounce terrorism and embrace peace.

24.   My government, while pursuing security measures, will explore all options, including readiness to accept unconditional renunciation of violence by insurgents, and to ensure their de-radicalization, rehabilitation and re-integration into the broader society.

Dear Compatriots,

25.    We must remain united to win the war against terrorism. Christians, Moslems, farmers, fishermen, herdsmen, teachers, lawyers, clergy or clerics, the rich, the poor and Nigerians from all sections of the country must work together with our security agencies and armed forces to overcome the terrorists who now threaten all that we hold dear.

26.                   The war against terror may be difficult, but the days of peace will come again. Terror is evil; nowhere in history has evil endured forever. The menace of Boko Haram will surely come to an end. I believe that because of your prayers, your courage, hardwork, faith and sacrifice, we will ultimately prevail over the terrorists and all other evil forces.

27.                    We are a strong, resilient and courageous people.  We will continue to partner with the civilized world, to confront international terrorism and every other challenge that comes our way with patriotic zeal and determination.

Fellow Nigerians,

28. Yes, we have challenges but we will surely overcome. Nigeria is our country. Nigeria is blessed. We will all collectively protect, defend and develop this country for ourselves, and our children.

29.                   Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

30.                   Thank you and God bless Nigeria

Former Governor of Oyo State,Rasheed Ladoja, Loses son in road accident

Adebola Ladoja (picture above) died this past Thursday in a ghastly accident on the Eko Bridge, Lagos.

He was driving a Golf saloon car and was said to be on his way to Lagos Island when a Daf truck rammed into his car.The driver of the truck was said to be on top speed,and lost control of his vehicle, ramming into the median of the bridge, before crashing into the deceased’s car.

An eye witness said “It took several hours before the victim could be rescued from the wreckage of the vehicle. He was trapped behind the wheels with blood gushing out of his head.”


Thursday, 29 May 2014

Nollywood stars march for release of Chibok girls

 Some Nollwood stars led by Patience Ozokwor on Thursday marched from Allen Avenue to Alausa Secretariat soliciting for the release of the kidnapped Chibok school girls.
The actors included Chinedu Ikedieze, popularly known as Aki, Ejiro Okurame, Mercy Aigbe, Femi Ogedengbe, Thelma Okaz and Tony Akposhere.

Patience Ozokwor, aka Mama G, pleads for the release of the more than 200 abducted Chibok school girls in Lagos on May 29, 2014, during a demonstration by civil society groups and celebrities of the film and entertainment industries to press for the girls’ release, seven weeks after their abduction by Islamist militant group Boko Haram, and on the occasion of Nigeria’s Democracy Day.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan vowed on May 29 total war against terrorism as the country’s security forces stepped up efforts to rescue more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram Islamists 45 days ago.

They said the march was their own way of celebrating the Democracy Day because they were unhappy that the kidnapped school children were still being held by the Boko Haram sect.

The actors, who marched with various placards with various inscriptions asking for the release of the girls, were addressed by the Speaker of Lagos State House of Assembly, Mr Adeyemi Ikuforiji.

They pleaded for the release of the girls by the Boko Haram sect.

Ikuforiji assured the rally that government was doing its best to get the girls released.

He said that the public might not be aware of things that were being done to release the girls but that government was alive to its responsibilities.

He commended the actors for having the nation at heart and joining in the clamour for the release of the girls.

Ikuforiji assured them that he would take their request to the government and thanked them for their efforts.

NAN reports that some other professional bodies including hairdressers and tailors also joined the actors in the rally.


Premier League: Tycoon who bought Manchester United in 2005, Malcolm Glazer, dies

                             Malcolm Glazer: Bought Man United in May 2005 for £790 million

Malcolm Glazer, the man who led the controversial takeover of Manchester United in 2005, has died at the age of 85.

A statement on the Manchester United website read: "The thoughts of everyone at Manchester United are with the Glazer family tonight following the news that Malcolm Glazer has passed away.

"Staff at Manchester United extend deep and sincere condolences to them all at this difficult time."

A statement on the website of NFL team Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which Glazer bought in 1995, confirmed the news.

It read: "We are saddened to announce the passing of Owner/President Malcolm Glazer earlier this morning.

"A dynamic business leader, Glazer helped mould the Buccaneers into a model franchise and one respected league-wide. Since being purchased by Glazer in 1995, the Buccaneers franchise has earned seven playoff berths, five playoff wins, and captured its first Super Bowl championship in 2002.

"Known among his league peers as a pioneering thinker, Glazer infused his team and employees with the determination and dedication to be the best in the NFL. Glazer's commitment to building a championship organization has provided the foundation for continued success, on and off the field.

"Glazer's input was instrumental on the league level as well, as evidenced by his time serving on the NFL's Finance Committee. He also played a major role in Tampa becoming a host for the Super Bowl on several occasions."

He leaves behind his wife Linda, six children and 14 grandchildren.

United takeover

Glazer's takeover of United was hugely controversial with fans because of the amount of debt he incurred in buying the club, which costs millions to service.

Financial analyst David Buik told Sky Sports News that he believes Glazer, who had been ill for some time, would have made all necessary arrangements for the running of the club in the event of his death.

"When you are advancing in years at the age of 85, if you haven't made provisions for an unhappy event such as this, then you have not done your homework," he said.

"I don't believe for one minute that an American businessman who has got exposure in debt, in a substantial manner - and having two sons, Avram and Joel, who are hands on - won't have made provisions.

"What happens tomorrow morning? It is possible the share price might come down a bit as a reaction. But the rest of the Glazer family is in place."

Glazer was a controversial figure in England, but in the US he was a hugely respected businessman, particularly for turning Tampa Bay from a laughing stock into a Super Bowl-winning franchise.

Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy posted on Twitter: "Rest in peace to the driving force that helped transform the organization that changed my life forever. Forever grateful!! RIP Mr. Glazer."

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell added: "Malcolm Glazer was the guiding force behind the building of a Super Bowl-champion organization.

"His dedication to the community was evident in all he did, including his leadership in bringing Super Bowls to Tampa Bay.

"Malcolm's commitment to the Bucs, the NFL and the people of the Tampa Bay region are the hallmarks of his legacy.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Linda, their six children and the entire Glazer family."



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