Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Actor Richard Mofe Demijo writes on International Women's Day

I have and always have had a thing for hardworking, intellectually stable, spiritually defined, emotionally balanced, self assured women, proof? I'm married to one. It's probably also because I was raised by one. Mama Rich was a woman and half, not because she is my mother but because she really was. As I age, I look at women and what defines them and I am extremely grateful I was raised by one that values defined.

As we celebrate The International Day of Women, I I doff my hat to you for birthing, nurturing and shaping us.

I also want to urge all women, young and old to take time and identify what defines you.

Don't center your life and values around being inducted into the #SlayQueen, #ShowThem and #PepperThem gangs as they are usually not the ones who win at the end of the day.

Be True, Be Brave, Be Real. Find yourself, Cultivate values that are deep seated but most importantly Refuse to let the society define you. Define yourself and create your own identity.

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