Monday, 27 February 2017

Couple Caught Bonking Inside an ATM Booth in Broad Daylight [18+/Photo/Video]

 A couple who couldn’t control themselves became a source of spectacle after they began having s*xual intercourse right inside an ATM booth.

Shocked bank customers were stunned after a couple were caught engaging in sexual act right at an HSBC  Automated Bank Teller machine in broad daylight.

The horny couple were filmed locked in an embrace, as the woman steadied herself by putting her hand on the cash machine, under a sign reading HSBC while engaging in sexual act.

The incident which took place in Oaxaca, Mexico forced people to gather outside the cash machine as no one wanted to use it again.

The sexual act is said to have taken place opposite an education HQ, sparking unfounded rumours that the pair were teachers who had taken time out of a strike that was taking place at the time.

An onlooker filming the scene could be overheard saying: ‘Look at what’s happening in Oaxaca! Nice!’

The footage has gone viral in Mexico this weekend with people astonished to see it happening in full view of the street.

Watch video on OKTREND
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