Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Trump explains why he's skipping White House Correspondents’ Dinner

U.S. President Donald Trump announced last week why he won’t be attending the White House Correspondents' Dinner this year, and now he's explaining why.

''I am not a hypocrite, and I haven't been treated properly, and that’s okay, that’s fine,'' Trump told Fox and Friends about why he won’t be attending. He attended the event back in 2011 and spoke about it during the interview ''I loved that evening, I had the greatest time.''

''Now, I can't act like I’m thrilled because they're telling jokes. Everyone was telling jokes. 'I’m gonna change the name of the White House to Trump House,' and other things. I thought [Obama] did a good job, and he was very respectful, and it was fun and I enjoyed it, and I left and told the press — they were all shouting, ‘Did you have a good time?’ — I said it was fantastic. The next day I read: ‘Donald Trump felt terrible about the evening.’ I loved the evening, I had a great time,'' he said.

This year's event will take place April 29.
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